Top Healthcare Stocks, Michael Jordan’s $3 Billion Exit, AMD vs NVIDIA, ChatGPT in Mercedes & Bonds

Top Healthcare Stocks, Michael Jordan's $3 Billion Exit, AMD vs NVIDIA, ChatGPT in Mercedes & Bonds

Welcome back to Market Mondays! In today’s episode, we’ve got an exciting lineup for all the market enthusiasts out there. 🔥

📉 First up, we discuss the recent movements in the S&P 500. It broke its six-day winning streak but still had its best week since March. We delve into what this means and whether investors should brace for a market correction.

🚗 Next, Mercedes-Benz is shaking up the automotive industry by integrating ChatGPT in its cars! We talk about what this means for drivers and the implications for the future of automotive technology.

🏀 The sports world is abuzz as Michael Jordan sells his majority stake in the Charlotte Hornets for $3 billion. We analyze the deal and discuss what lessons can be learned from his exit.

💡 We then turn introspective as we talk about our biggest investment mistakes of 2023 and the lessons we’ve learned.

🎙️ Our guest segment is always a treasure trove of wisdom. We reflect on the best piece of advice we’ve gained from a guest this year.

💵 Are bonds making a comeback? We assess the current state of the bond market and whether they are nearing a point of safety for investment.

🔧 In the tech world, AMD is challenging NVDA with a competitive chip. Can they overtake NVDA in the chip market this year or the next? We weigh in on the possibilities.

💊 Lastly, with Eli Lilly’s stock soaring to an all-time high, we explore two other companies in the healthcare sector that have the potential to be rockstars in the market.

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Chapters (Powered by ChapterMe) –
00:00 – Market Mondays
12:30 – Microsoft Chat
12:51 – AI
29:08 – AMD launches a competitive chip to Nvidia
43:42 – Valuation
47:12 – The biggest mistake you’ve made in investing and trading
49:05 – My biggest mistake of 2023
56:31 – Healthcare Companies
01:01:48 – What about you guys?
01:06:00 – Growth and Maturation
01:10:45 – What’s going on in Chicago Market Monday?
01:15:49 – Drip Journey

Top Healthcare Stocks, Michael Jordan’s $3 Billion Exit, AMD vs NVIDIA, ChatGPT in Mercedes & Bonds

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