The DISTURBINGLY DARK Timeline If The Empire Won The Battle Of Endor

The DISTURBINGLY DARK Timeline If The Empire Won The Battle Of Endor

The Rebel’s Victory at the Battle of Endor was one of the most unlikely events in Galactic History. In all likelihood, the Rebels should have been crushed. Afterall, the Empire had a combined fleet of over 25,000 Star Destroyers while the rebels had only a fraction of that.

So what if the Empire had actually won at endor as they should have? This alternative timeline is likely darker and more disturbing than you would imagine. And strangely if we go by Legends continuity, the Imperials might not even be the main bad guys.

For this video I’ll be taking more of an analytical approach to the what if scenario. I’ll try and explain what galaxy wide events I think would have happened and generally what the galaxy would have looked like if the empire had won at endor. And spoilers, it’s a very very dark.

Like any speculative alternate timeline, they’ll be a healthy amount of guestimation based off the research ive done and my knowledge of Star Wars.

Ill be drawing heavily on legends today. We’ll be talking about IG-88s droid revolution, the Chaos entity known as Abeloth and even the Yuuvung Vong, so If you’re a fan of the crazy and cool post imperial legends content, I’m sure you’ll love this video. I’ve tried to make it both informative as well as fun so if you like it please remember to hit the like button so I know whether I should make more videos like this one.

But before we delve into this what if, a quick bit of context.

In Legends, when the advanced assassin droid IG-88A was created around 15 years before the battle of Yavin, he became one of the only droids to become fully self aware. To cut a long story short, IG-88 believed that organic life was inferior to machine life and sought the elimination of all organic life in the galaxy. Using its advanced programming, IG88A uploaded his consciousness into three other IG88 units, IG-88 B, C and D. After killing their creators at holowan labs, These four IG-88s then took over A major droid manufacturing worlds, Mechis 3. They would upload a code into all of the droids, that when activated, would have caused all of them to rise up against their masters.

However, after almost two decades hiding on MEchis 3, the IG-88 units would encounter a problem when Boba fett destroyed all but IG-88A. IG-88A would be forced to recalulate his revolutionary plans and would instead upload his consciousness into the second death star.

Deep inside the Maw, the ancient dark side being known as Abeltoth would feed upon all the death and destruction. With the Maw now heavily damaged by ungodly imperial superweapons, it would only be a matter of time before she escaped the confines of her prison.

Abeltoth had been imprisoned within the Maws black hole system hundreds of Milena ago by the beings known as the ones. Abeloth was by far one of the most powerful force entities in existence and was said to be at least a dozen times stronger than a Skywalker at their peak power levell. She had the ability to take over multiple beings at once, cause people to go insane and could even make super volcanoes erupt. She could feed upon the death and fear of her enemies, meaning her power was potentially limitless. Her goal was nothing short than the complete anhilation of everything except herself. It was said that everytime there was a great disturbance in the force she would escape from her prison within the Maw. However, every time she had escaped, the ones would use their combined power to reimprison her within the Maw. Unfortunately for the Galaxy, the ones had been killed by Anakin Skywalker during the clone wars.

Drunk on dark side energy caused by the nearby battle, Abeltoth would finally gain enough strength to overpower her constraints, escaping to the core worlds to wreak havoc upon the galaxy.

The remaining imperials would finally be overcome by the sheer power of IG-88’s fleet. The death Star Prototype would fall to the droids while the Sun crusher, now depleted of star killing torpedos would escape into hyperspace along with a small number of star destroyers.

Now armed with two planet killing weapons and the imperial threat defeated, IG-88 would now execute his prime directive. The annihilation of all sentient life in the Galaxy.

Within days, many worlds within the Core regions could now only be described as hell. Battalions of droids roamed the underworld, either killing or upgrading sentient beings into obedient cyborg slaves. Technology and resources would be cannibalized or melted down to further serve the ever growing droid hive mind.

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The DISTURBINGLY DARK Timeline If The Empire Won The Battle Of Endor

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