Slot Machine Saturday – Jackpots, Free Spins & More!

Slot Machine Saturday - Jackpots, Free Spins & More!

In this videos, Steve Bourie, from The Jackpot Gents, and author of the American Casino Guide Book, plays a variety of slot machines at the Casino at Dania Beach in Florida, with his wife, Michelle.

During the video Steve mentions how all of the games they play can also be played on the free Quick Hot Slots app for your phone or tablet.

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Steve and Matt Bourie are The Jackpot Gents. They are video poker players who have 25-30 minute sessions where they show all of their play: win or lose! And, they then reveal their actual win/loss record for the year. So, be sure to come along for the ride and root for them on their video poker adventures! They also, every Saturday, upload a video of them playing slot machines.

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Slot Machine Saturday – Jackpots, Free Spins & More!

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