Riley Wants Violet To ‘EARN’ Her Ring!

Riley Wants Violet To 'EARN' Her Ring!

Riley and Violet are both playing games. They’re testing each other in very different ways. They claim to be in love but the truth is, they’re a million miles away from love right now. Both are suspicious about the other. Since arriving in Vietnam, Riley feels unappreciated. He wants Violet to put in the work and ‘earn’ his ring. His promise ring 🤣

So what exactly does Riley expect from Violet? Well, he expects her to be more attentive, thankful and open up to him. The thing is, Violet isn’t really the opening up type. She’s a closed book (for now!). She seems super cautious about the relationship, to the extent where it really does seem like she’s hiding something.

So… what does the future hold for these two? Personally, I think there’s a lot more twists and turns in Riley and Violet’s story.

👇 What are your thoughts? Let’s continue the conversation down in the comments below.

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Riley Wants Violet To ‘EARN’ Her Ring!

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