NG Slots: Biggest Wins Exposed | slot machine free games won | live slot play at casino |

NG Slots: Biggest Wins Exposed | slot machine free games won | live slot play at casino |

NG Slots: Biggest Wins Exposed | slot machine free games won | live slot play at casino |
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NG Slots: Biggest Wins Exposed
slot machine free games won
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I am sure that no one became a millionaire gambling but hey, there is no issue cause it is supposed to be a fun game. But, some people take it too far. They sometimes stake their heirlooms but this man does it right!
Narek is an Armenian living in America and I am sure he is living the American dream.
He has successfully monetized his hobby and turned it into a successful source of income and has used his social media influencing ability to bring more money by donations and merchandises.
To make it obvious, he is not that fake guy trying to boost the casino’s revenue or turn you into a gambling addict. Instead, Gambling is meant to be fun and you can stay in your home and watch NG press the buttons for you. Well, there is no money of course but the immersive nature is actually a great selling factor. I mean, I felt the anticipation when the slots rolled, sometimes I even caught myself getting cussing over the machine.
But, I guess that is the whole point.
Anyway if you clicked on this video then I am assuming you watch NG Slots as much as I do. Anyway, I did my fair bit of research and this is what I found.
I hope you like it. Well, if you did please subscribe. I like people who inspire others and Narek does hit the spot. In the right way, Of course!

If you look at his channel he almost has 4000 videos and that is either dedication or addiction. Well, If you can support that lifestyle, then. Well, who am I to judge, I am just here to see the slots rolling. So, Narek loves traveling and in any venue, he is sure to head over into a casino and pop some buttons. His videos are as straightforward as it gets. Get in it, sit on the slot, and then try your luck.
That cannot be the recipe to his success, now is it?
So, he has a couple of businesses in the US and Russia. It is a company that sells apparel and Jewelry Business with Branches in the United States and Russia. He also earns on affiliate marketing through his account on an e-commerce website “TeeSpring” which sells T-shirts, hoodies, sports bags, phone cases, etc. He also receives two thousand to twenty-five thousand dollars from advertisements including live stream donations. It is said that his net worth is one point two million dollars when combining all of his assets.

He joined YouTube about half a decade ago and he has gathered a huge fan following of 365 thousand subscribers with more than 3500 videos uploaded to date.
He makes money from YouTube, Twitch donations, affiliate deals, and the jackpots of course.
Apart from that he also runs numerous enterprises in the US and Russia. There is no doubt that he is a millionaire and he runs a good business as he has a good upload frequency. That is not an income stream but an income tree!
Even though he might seem a tad bit addicted to the game, he actually does it for fun and I am sure he is the type of guy who writes all of his expenses in a spreadsheet with an extra column for a gambling budget. But the ultimate question is, is it worth it? how much has he won? Here are three f his wins that I liked the most. Feel free to comment on which ones you liked!

The Dragon Cash slot is one of the most popular game machines out there. And for a very good reason. When it pays, it PAYS. At the very end of last year, NG Slot set a YouTube record for the biggest win on Dragon Cash with an impressive USD 20,100.00 win.

Some players believe that a machine can like or dislike a player. If that is the case, then Dragon Cash likes Narek. Just two months after his $20,100.00 win, NG Slot won an even more impressive jackpot. This time, it was equal to $21,280.00.

Narek’s biggest recorded win was $44,668.00. The win occurred on a Black Diamond Slot Machine, and the video was uploaded to the channel on May 5, 2020. The jackpot was so large it broke multiple YouTube hand-pay slot records.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comment section below.
So that’s going to do it, guys!
Thank you so much for watching.
Make sure to subscribe to us and hit that bell for more updates.
Take care stay safe and we will see you in the next one.

NG Slots: Biggest Wins Exposed | slot machine free games won | live slot play at casino |

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