EARN Money Online: ₹30,000/month | Side Income From Home for College Students & Freelancers

EARN Money Online: ₹30,000/month | Side Income From Home for College Students & Freelancers

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Pritesh’s video on ghostwriting – https://youtu.be/iwkbfOZBW4w

If you wish to make money online, that too Rs. 30,000 per month, this is an easy side income idea for which you can work from home. This is especially a brilliant method to earn money online for college students and freelancers.

Ghostwriting is a lesser known method to make money but with a little bit of training anyone can do ghostwriting especially working from home and earning a side income via it. There are many side hustle ideas for college students and freelancers and ghostwriting is certainly one of them.

Hope this video makes you learn more about ghostwriting and helps you make money online easily. If you want more videos about side hustles and side income options, feel free to let me know in the comments.

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About me: I graduated from IIM Ahmedabad in 2020, worked at Mondelez (Cadbury) as an Area Sales Manager for 1.5 years, and quit to pursue content creation full-time. This channel is on a mission to bridge the information gap in the education and job sector and talks about self-improvement, MBA preparation, and career growth.


EARN Money Online: ₹30,000/month | Side Income From Home for College Students & Freelancers

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